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Office Cleaning

We make offices look amazing after touch. The reason we are the best in the industry. Call us now on : +614 – 779 – 3975

We clean Schools

We make learning places appealing. We are available for School Janitorial Services. Call us now on : +614 – 779 – 3975

We Clean Glass

We make glass Surfaces look their best. We don't leave any scratch. Call us now on : +614 – 779 – 3975

Industrial Cleaning

We do cleaning for all types of industries. We are the industry cleaning experts. Call us now on : +614 – 779 – 3975

Cleaning Material

We use the best material to achieve topnotch result. We leave your place very clean. Call us now on : +614 – 779 – 3975

Floor Cleaning Expert

We make floors look great. We clean wooden floors also. Call us now on : +614 – 779 – 3975

Office Cleaning


Tailor made cleaning service for Homes, Offices and etc. You get high-quality janitorial services when you call us for your commercial cleaning needs, locally. We aim to provide your organization with the best service and support that exceeds your expectations and delights your employees, while providing a clean and safe environment. At Narida Group, we pride ourselves on consistently providing the best cleaning quality to clients in all industries.

Janitorial Services

Get flawless Janitorial service when you call us. Narida Group is your local floor cleaning expert. For your convenience, we offer complete cleaning services for all types of flooring; from office carpet to industrial warehouse flooring. We are backed by experienced people and are available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Phone: 6147-793-975  Email: isaacdarko1(at)yahoo.ca